Navmax Navigation

Main features

HUD – Head - up Display

Project key information, such as a car’s speed and navigation directions onto the windshield of your car at night.

Alternative route calculating

Before you start on a journey, Navmax will calculate two fastest alternative routes for you to choose from. The routes are all displayed on the map at the same time and you simply select the one that suits you best.

3D map view

Navmax provides a view of maps in the "bird's eye" called 2D and viewed at an angle or in 3D.

Traffic jams (NTC)

Presentation on the map of traffic intensity and problems, and routing taking into account traffic jams.


Navmax makes it easier to find the place you are looking for: a pharmacy, an ATM, a gas station and more than 218 000 other points.

Speech to text

Voice, navigation commands. These features allows you to mount your phone on the dashboard or set it on the console and not need to touch it while set an address.