About Us

Navmax Company was founded on the experience and passion of its founders, for many years connected with the subject of navigation, with years of experience in sales of navigation. 

It specializes in providing navigation application to residential and business customers. With years of experience working with international industry leaders navigation systems, we offer our customers the highest quality of applications and services.

Navmax ™ offers the applications in the field of 

Mobile Navigation Platform - Navmax WORLD

Professional application of satellite navigation (GPS and GLONASS) on your smartphone or tablet with the operating system:

  • Android (version 2.1. To newest)
  • iOS (version 4 for the latest)
  • Samsung Bada 2.0 (HVGA i WVGA) 

Navmax ™ is available in m-store manufacturers of mobile operating systems as well as m-store equipment manufacturers such as Samsung Apps, Google Play and AppStore

Car Navigation for Personal Navigation Devices

Professional navigation systems for portable navigation devices that are running the Windows CE operating system (from 4.2 to 6.0), popularly known as PND navigation. 

Navmax ™ is an application for traditional products [PND] still used in many markets in the world and most mobile devices, unique, defining the global trends in the development of navigation. Navmax ™ offers a winning combination of high quality applications and maps


The Board

Konrad Telakowiec – President of the Board

Responsible for marketing actions in the mobile market and for Company’s management. Konrad has been in the navigation line of business for 11 years. Co-founder of the first vehicle monitoring and protection system in Poland based on first commercial GPS devices. He has participated in the process of creating a geographical database of the largest and oldest cartographic publishing house in Poland – PPWK S.A. He has worked in the team who created Mobile Mapping System technology, appreciated by international  technology industry on 2005 Telematics Update Awards. He has been in the mobile market line of business since 2009 as the originator and co-author of the first Mobile Information Platform in Poland.

Marcin Wykurz – Vice-President of the Board

Responsible for business development and cooperation on international markets. High quality specialist in the field of space information systems and Web mapping. Pioneer of geo-marketing, Marcin has built the first map platform in Poland. He has launched and implemented the first projects of sharing map technology expanded by satellite imaging in Poland. Many years’ experience in managing IT projects of international dimension. Graduate of the Geography Faculty of the University of Warsaw.

Jerzy Łuczkiewicz – Member of the Board

Responsible for B2B products’ sales and sales policy of the Company. Knowledge of trade techniques and of the market of navigation devices in Poland and abroad. Many years’ experience in managing large teams. Perfect organizer and practitioner able to establish very good and lasting relationships with commercial partners.  

Adam Wojciechowski – Plenipotentiary of the Board

Responsible for special projects. Present in the navigation line of business for many years. Member of Boards of Directors of several companies and responsible for foreign contracts. Participant of many international trade events in connection with navigation devices and applications. Practical knowledge of international navigation market and of foreign trade. Graduate of the Geography Faculty of the University of Warsaw.